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Historical flights with Dakota Norway

Dakota Norway is Norway's oldest airworthy passenger plane. This vintage aircraft, DC 3 Dakota, built in 1942 makes regular scenic flights above the local coastline during summer-season. Experience a magnificent view from 1000 feet in the safe hands of professional pilots.

A pearl of a veteran plane that has Sandefjord as its base. Norway's only flying DC3 DAKOTA is situated at the east side of Torp Sandefjord Airport. The shining "silverbird" has been taken well care of and has been in the air since 1942 and has a past as "presidential-plane". Regular tours of Vestfold every wednesday.

It used to be the finish President Kekkonen's private plane when he was in office.  "Dakota Norway" now owns the plane and thanks to great enthusiasm among its members, technicians and mechanics, the plane is still in teh air in the best condition ever. The plane fullfills the harsh demands of the Norwegian Aviation Department at all times.

The plane can carry 19 passengers and "Dakota Norway" has domestic and international flights all summer for its members.

Where to find Dakota Norway (Acess via Bredholtveien)

Last updated: 02/05/2024

Source: Visit Vestfold

Historical flights with Dakota Norway

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