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Historical Sauda Klubb in Sauda


Sauda Klubb is a historical building located centrally in Åbøbyen in Sauda, Ryfylke. You can rent the unique house can for small and large gatherings.

In 1929, the historic brick building was created by architect Gustav Helland from Stavanger. It served as a meeting place for the executives of the smelting plant and brought together the workers in the People's House.

Renovation and the present

After extensive upgrades, Sauda Klubb now blends its rich history with modern conveniences. The unique history lives on in the walls, while visitors experience modern facilities and exceptional design. This provides a holistic experience that enriches the senses.


Banquet Hall: A unique space for events and celebrations.

Basement Lounge: Intimate setting for smaller gatherings.

Dining Room: Sophisticated surroundings for culinary experiences.

Kitchen: Well-equipped for cooking and serving.


Sauda Klubb offers 10 modern bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, providing the relaxation you need after a day of experiences.


Sauda Ski Centre: Winter fun nearby.

Cross-Country Trails: Explore nature on skis.

Saudahallen: Heated swimming facilities and sports amenities.

Scenic Hiking Trails: Discover the beauty of the area on foot.

The Sea: Enjoy the tranquillity and charm of the coast.

Speedboat: Easy access to new adventures.

Town Centre: A diverse range of shopping and experiences.

Last updated: 12/21/2023

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke

Historical Sauda Klubb in Sauda


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