Hjerleid school- and craftcenter

Hjerleid School and Craft Centre is a melting pot of traditional learning. The Centre is based at Hjerleid in Dovre, in the county of Oppland.

The central elements at Hjerleid School and craftcentre are: - Woodcarving education - Blacksmithing education - Craft training in (among others) timber framing, wood turning, blacksmithing and other crafts - Weekend Courses - Consultation Service - Visitors' centre with the School museum. - Research - Workshop Community - Bringing together creative learning Hjerleid school and craft center is a co-location for cultural industries based on Dovre. Today we offer education in Woodcarving and blacksmithing. We organize and offer a broad selection of week and weekend courses in, among other woodcarving, blacksmithing, painting, woodturning, icon painting and tool sharpening. A creative and hands-on school year One year at Hjerleid school and craft center is not like any other. Here you get the opportunity to work with hands-on tasks large parts of your school day. The school offers one year education in Woodcarving and blacksmithing.

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Nasjonalparkriket Reiseliv AS

Hjerleid school- and craftcenter

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