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Hoggorm is the punky little sister of Michelin-starred restaurant Lysverket, located just a block away. Named after Norway's only venomous snake.

Enjoy New York-style pizza, oysters, and natural wine every day throughout the year.

Since its inception in 2018, Hoggorm has been serving original and modern takes on pizza classics like "Mushroom and Sesame" (topped with dancing katsuobushi fish flakes) and "Bacon and Pineapple". There is also always vegan and vegetarian pizza options on the menu. The kitchen shares the same focus on quality ingredients as its fine dining sister, and in addition to pizza and oysters, there is a selection of small dishes made with seasonal and local ingredients, curated by head chef Christopher Haatuft.

For the wine drinkers, there is something for all levels and budgets, with a focus on small, organic or biodynamic producers, whether it's wine on tap or exclusive "grower" champagne.

Hoggorm also has a separate room with seating for 32 guests, a former garage that has been converted so it can be used year-round. Reservations only for groups of 10 or more. 

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Last updated: 03/18/2024

Source: Visit Bergen


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