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Hoist the sail at Lofotr Vikingmuseum!


Take part in one of the most exciting activities of the Viking age; sail or row a Viking ship

The Viking ship Vargfotr is a replica of the well known Gokstad ship. This was found in a burial mound in Sandefjord, impressive 23,8 meters long. Our Vargfotr is a smaller copy.

From the Viking harbour, we sail in historic waters. The tour is being conducted by the «høvedsmann»; the Viking ship captain. If the winds are good, there will be sailing. If not, you will get to practice your skills as a rower – we depend on you and your group to row the Viking ship.

The boat trips takes place every day in the period from the 1st of July to the 31st of July and you can join the trips every hour. The first trip starts at 11:30 and the last trip of the day starts at 17:30.

Recommended for all age groups. Weather reservation.

Destination: Boathouse, Aprox. 20 minutes to walk from the chieftains house. Lofotr Vikingmuseum by E10. 14 km north for Leknes.

Source: Destination Lofoten


Hoist the sail at Lofotr Vikingmuseum!


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