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Horisont Lunchrestaurant

Horisont restaurant in Fosnavåg is the place where you can enjoy your meal along with the sea view.

Chef Niklas Werner hails from Herøy. He focuses on simple lunch dishes with local ingredients, often sourced from nearby fisheries. Lunch is served here for both staff and guests dropping by.

This unique venue sits in the middle of the shipping lane between Stadt and Ålesund. At Horisont Restaurant, you can experience a bustling marine and maritime industry, with a view of the docks just 20 meters away, where large fishing vessels come and go daily.

Private parties or events

There's also a fantastic chambre séparée with space for 12–16 guests if you prefer separate dining. Horisont restaurant also boasts a covered and enclosed outdoor area sheltered from the weather, allowing you to sit outside for much of the year.

The restaurant offers overtime meals and meeting room service. And for private events, they have their own menus.

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Horisont Lunchrestaurant

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