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Hornvika Hornet

Conquer the North Cape the classic way. Explore the northernmost point of Europe like adventurers and royals did in the past. Around 2.5 km east of the Nordkapp plateau are the remains of buildings and quay from WWII.

Hornvika was the former landing site for the tourist ships to visit Nordkapp. Before the road to Nordkapp was completed in 1956, all visitors had to be shipped ashore to Hornvika and then hike up a steep climb to the actual North Cape Plateau. The Horn is an outstanding piece of rock shaped like a horn. Pre – Christianity, the Horn was a holy site for the Sami population on Magerøya Island and was the home of Gods. The Horn can only be seen properly from a distance

Source: Book Finnmark


Hornvika Hornet

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