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Hovlandsnuten - hike in Sauda

Hovlandsnuten in Sauda, Ryfylke, is an easily accessible hike suitable for most people. Highlights are Eventyrskogen, the Sherpa steps and the cabin at the top.

Hovlandsnuten is one of the most popular hikes in Sauda. The industrial town is located at the very centre of the Sauda Fjord in Ryfylke.

How long is the hike to Hovlandsnuten?

The hike to Hovlandsnuten (930 masl) is a total of 14.5 km and you'll climb a total of 1,040 metres. You should expect to spend around 5 hours round trip without breaks.

The hike is a moderately difficult hike that is suitable for most people. If you have children with you, feel free to take a break at Eventyrskogen and Trollplassen. Other highlights include the 787 Sherpa steps and the panoramic view from the cabin at the top.

How to get to Hovlandsnuten?

The hike to Hovlandsnuten starts from Risvoll school in Saudasjøen, about 5 minutes by car from the centre of Sauda.

You can also hike from Skeivane in Nordstøldalen. From Sauda centre, drive towards Saudasjøen. Turn right after the tunnel marked Nordstøldalen. Follow the road to the end and park there. The road is a bit narrow and has some steep sections.

When is the season for Hovlandsnuten?

You can hike to Hovlandsnuten all year round, but the main season is from May to the end of November.

Tour description

You start from Risvoll school in Saudasjøen, and walk past the idyllic Fosstveitdammen (NB! the path has been changed here) and follow the road for about 100 metres before turning left onto a new, prepared road/path further up the terrain.

Once you have walked 1.5 kilometres, you can take a detour to Eventyrskogen. Here you'll find many famous characters from the world of fairy tales, a great shelter and good barbecue facilities. Nearby you'll also find Trollplassen with a "Bukkene Bruse" bridge over the stream, a shelter and a pond where you can take a bath.

After Eventyrskogen, continue upwards towards Brekkestølsbråtet, 300 masl. From the cabin field, the trail enters the valley in a slightly flatter section on a gravel road, before the climb really picks up as you approach Hovlandsstølen at 450 masl. From here to the summit at 930 masl, you climb 787 stone steps built by Sherpas from Nepal.

At the top, you can enjoy the view from the panoramic hut. Here you can also spend the night in a hammock.

Important info for the hike

Wear good shoes and bring warm clothes

Remember food and drink

You can spend the night in a hammock in the summit cabin

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Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Hovlandsnuten - hike in Sauda

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