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An unforgettable glamping experience. Spend a night in a glass igloo, surrounded by nature.

Glamping in beautiful, Norwegian nature. Check into one of Hvilepust’s six locations close to Oslo, and enjoy magical nature and comfortable Nordic interior.

Choose between spectacular views, closeness to water or green forest. When you go to bed, gaze up at the starry sky above. Two of the locations are accessible by public transport just one hour from Oslo.

The igloos are 20 m2, and 240 cm at their tallest point. They are robust and functionally furnished – with a small seating area, a sofa and a bench. The bench is equipped with a storm kitchen with a gas stove, a wine opener, a flashlight, a thermos and basic tableware. In addition, a drawer contains ready-made duvets and pillows.

Each igloo can accommodate four people. The multifunctional sofa from Karup Design can be folded out into a double bed (140 cm), and two additional futon mattresses, can be laid on the floor. The blinds can be pulled up to about one and a half metres.

There is no running water or electricity in the igloo. They are equipped with a 5-litre can of drinking water, and a rudimentary outdoor toilet. Unlimited firewood is available for the wood stove and the fire pan (the fire pan is only in use during the winter months).

At each location, there are facilitated outdoors areas with various designs customised to the local terrain. They are all equipped with seating areas and tables. In addition, there are variations ranging from hammocks, bathing ladders, nature trails and barbecue grills.

Enjoy a stay in and with nature!

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