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Ice skating in Nordfjord

Skating onto a frozen lake can be a magical experience and a simple and fun way to experience the joy of winter.

Once the cold has set in during the winter and the temperature has crept well below freezing, it’s often safe to visit many of the frozen ponds and lakes in the region. Noteworthy lakes in inner Nordfjord include Langesetvatnet, Oppstrynsvatnet, Lovatnet and Oldevatnet. In mid Nordfjord, it might be worth checking out Breimsvatnet and Hornindalsvatnet. It may be wise to stay close to the edge of the water, if you are at all unsure. Talk to locals to find the best and safest places to skate.

Be careful when the weather changes and if possible, check the thickness of the ice. The ice may be unsafe – especially close to river outlets. Ice reports for the whole of Norway are available at

Ice skating is at your own risk.

Source: Nordfjord


Ice skating in Nordfjord

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