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Kinnarodden - Europe's northernmost mainland

Cape Kinnarodden is the northernmost point on Europe's mainland, and is a 46 km hike through some demanding scree and rock terrain. This is a demanding hike for the advanced hiker.

Cape Kinnarodden is the very tip of Europe's northernmost mainland, the peninsula of Nordkyn. From the nearest road, there is a 23 km hikethrough varied terrain one way, so bringing a tent and staying in a sheltered cove near the point itself is recommended. Consult the local tourist board for advice before setting off. You should be in good shape, as much of the terrain is rocky. The Nordkyn Peninsula has 250 km of marked trails, including many easy walks. The small settlements offer accommodation and dining options, as well as some fascinating museums and attractions.

Source: Book Finnmark


Kinnarodden - Europe's northernmost mainland

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