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Larvik museum

NB! Larvik Museum moves from Verksgården to Gamle Mesterfjellet school. All museum operations at Langestrand have been discontinued, and the exhibitions are being moved. The new exhibitions at Gamle Mesterfjellet School will be up in 2024 at the earliest.

Larvik Museum is the historically rich and exciting town museum in Larvik!

Visit Herregården and the maritime museum.

​​​Larvik Museum is the town museum in Larvik with two arenas for visitors. Verksgården in the historic quarter Hammerdalen is an old, industrial site now converted into a heritage site with various cultural and business activities, and Herregården, the mansion built by Danish count Gyldenløve between 1674 and 1677.

In addition, Larvik Museum has passed on knowledge about Kaupang, first city in Norway, since excavations of the area around the extinct city started outside Larvik in the year 2000.

The thematic core of Larvik Museum activities is the historic period of Danish rule in Norway, when Larvik was one of two Danish royal counties in Norway (1537-1814). This historic era put its mark on Larvik with regard to industrial development, architecture and social structure. With this period as a backdrop, the museum intends to develop web-based research and display exhibitions on the Larvik community of today. 

Source: Visit Vestfold


Larvik museum

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