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Leira by Sandøy

Sandøy has an idyllic island nature, with the open sea surrounding it. The island has some of Romsdal's coast's most beautiful sand beaches. There's a peaceful nature, 35 residents and a landscape with farms, cattle, horses and sheep.

The narrow, almost traffic free, road covers a big part of the island. Making it perfect for exploring both by walking and cycling.

It's important to dress by the weather conditions. The road toward the destination won't be fully plowed or salted for the winter. Which means you are fully responsible for your own hike.


From the ferry pier, take the southeast road to the right. After a short while you'll arrive at a bicycle parking on your left side (here's bicycles for rent!). From here you'll arrive at the local grocery story, where you'll meet the locals. Then there is Sandøy church on the left side, which is from 1812. The road slings around fields and farms, before going northeast and towards the cape by Sanden. This is your destination, which you can explore as it fits you.

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Leira by Sandøy

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