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Leka roundtrip by bike

Leka roundtrip is an easily biked roundtrip. The route follows then main road on Leka, around the island. On this trip, the route is done in a clockwise direction.

Here you will a free brochure with full description.

Follow the road from the ferry landing up to the Herlaug Guest House (Vertshuset Herlaug). Stay on the road to the left at the crossing and bike to the shop at Husby Tourist Information. The trip then takes you up to Leka Steinsenter (Geological Center) at Leka Motell & Camping.

At Haug you will have the opportunity to take the short cut to the right through Vassdalen Valley. However, we recommend that you continue south. You will soon round the southern tip and arrive at the restored seaside houses. Here it is nice to stroll along the beach.

The route then continues past the cozy white houses at Solsem. You will bike past Solsemhula Cave, and will notice that the landscape has changed. The truly special, tawny-colored rock types on Leka's west side provide a fascinating experience. It is like biking on another planet. After a few kms you will reach the Steinstind ravine/peak before the route heads down towards the "Eagle Kidnapping Site" (several nice resting areas along the way).

Source: Kystriksveien Reiseliv


Leka roundtrip by bike

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