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Litunet in Suldal (Ryfylkemuseet)

High up on the south side of Hylsfjorden in Suldal in Ryfylke you will find the old farm Litunet, approximately 285 meters above sea level.

In the yard there are 13 buildings dating from between the 18th and 19th century. The cultural landscape is characteristic of Vestlandet with small, cultivated fields, stone fences and clearings with stone piles.

The Directorate of Cultural Heritage protected the characteristic old farm as a historical site in 1973.

You can get to Litunet by car from Suldalsosen in Suldal. Follow the signs on road Rv. 13 towards Valskår. The road is very narrow and not suitable for caravans or large cars. Note that parking is limited.

Experience Litunet on a fjord cruise with Helgøy Skyssbåt to Hylsfjorden.

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Litunet in Suldal (Ryfylkemuseet)

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