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Lovund and the puffin

There are about 200 000 puffins on the island Lovund during the summer. They arrive on the 14.April every year. After months at sea it is time to multiply.

The puffin is easily recognizable with its colorful beak. Every year in April, Lundkommer's Day is celebrated on April 14. They have gathered in large flocks out on the sea and are flying to Lovund with a goal, to lay eggs. Being there when they arrive is a very special experience for those who have seen it. The puffins comes in large flocks and flies in formations.

The puffin thrives best on the sea and in winter it is located in the Atlantic ocean.  In the summer they go to places like Lovund to multiply before heading out to sea in the fall.

If you want to experience Lundkommdag April 14, you must book accommodation at Lovund hotel early.

When visiting Lovund in the summer, you can see the puffin. Then you have to go up in Lundeura.(a trail leading to a good view point).  Feel free to bring binoculars.

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A trip along the Kystriksveien - route 17,  should certainly include an overnight stay (or more) on Lovund. In addition to Lunden, the island has some great hiking or you can simply relax. Lovund Hotel offers good food and high standard accommodation.

You may travel to Lovund by speedboat. The most important places you can travel from are Sandnessjøen, Nesna, Ørnes and Bodø. You can also travel by ferry from Stokkvågen. You can just as well  leave your car at Stokkvågen - it is only 800 meters of  roads on Lovund.

Source: Kystriksveien Reiseliv


Lovund and the puffin

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