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Lystlunden Park

Lystlunden park has large, beautiful trees, lawns, walking paths, a music pavilion, duck pond and playground.

Lystlunden Park is Horten municipality's largest park and sports facility. The park has a unique combination of enchanting nature and cultural attractions. The park's 150 hollow oak trees make it an exotic area. The many benches in the park to settle on, the park's duck pond were you can feed the ducks and its old pavilion makes the park a wonderful recreational area. Furthermore, you will find sculptures by Arne Durban and Ørnulf Bast here. Horten municipality has put a lot of effort into developing the park. You will also find new grills for general use - so just bring coal, food and blankets - and let the picnic start. In the evening you will be able to experience the park's special lighting.

Playground and adventure world
The park also has an exciting playground with old oak trees where the elves live. If you walk carefully and look around the trees, you may just discover them.

Multiple sports facilities
The sports center in Lystlunden Park has stadiums for football, rugby, archery range, and several training courses for football.

Gift from the Navy
Lystlunden was given as a gift to Horten's population by the Navy in 1852 for recreation and amusement. Most of the inhabitants of Horten were then part of the workers at the Navy's main yard (Karljohansvern).

Today, Lystlunden Park has its own association, which actively works to preserve the park's landscaping and distinctive features for the public's best interest.

Source: Visit Vestfold


Lystlunden Park

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