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Maarud Gjestegård - Meetings and events

Wild, beautiful and tasty!
Maarud Gjestegård is a distinctive course and conference center in the middle of the forest by the idyllic Sæterlisjøen, only one hour from Oslo and Gardermoen. Here you will find 70,000 square meters of space, beautiful walls filled with history and an open host that makes everything possible for stays and seminars.

The guesthouse is ideal for groups of 10 - 40 people. You can reserve the entire place exclusively for your group.

Activities and team building
We tailor experiences according to wishes, needs and objectives. We can entertain the group with activities, from half an hour to a whole day.

At Maarud gestegård you will encounter experiences that demand cooperation and get the participants out of their comfort zone without being extreme for that reason. The activities can be organized as a competition between two or more teams or as a team building activity where everyone works together without a winner being chosen.

In the middle of the forest in a clearing there are some old and beautiful houses. We offer accommodation in three historic buildings. Each building with its own stories and sense of lived life. Here you get an insight into a forestry community that was.

Huka was the forest manager's office, and he lived in Villaen, while Skogheim was the forest workers' house. Here the fellows came strolling with their axes over their shoulders in the dusk and the cook was ready with dinner. And if you want to be even closer to nature, we have three lavvos in our wilderness camp.

Maarud Gjestegaard emphasizes solid craftsmanship, homemade and sustainable food. When the weather is good, we often serve lunch outside on the terrace or around the bonfire by Lake Sæterlisjøen. In order for you to get that extra cosiness, we like to light the fireplace, decorate the table with candles, green plants and flowers from the forest. Drinks in the form of local beer and selected wines, as well as healthy non-alcoholic options, juices and musts are available.

We throw away as little as possible and use leftover food creatively. We compost food waste into nutritious soil, we juice, pickle, ferment and bake bread. Our food and drinks have a clear reference to the nature around us and long traditions.

At Maarud Gjestegård you are guaranteed a good atmosphere when dinner is served and we round off with a good cup of coffee outside or inside.

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Source: Visit Innlandet


Maarud Gjestegård - Meetings and events

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