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Måløyraid center is located at the heart of the town, and shows you original pictures and metres of original film from the Måløyraid 27. december 1941.

​​Early morning, 27 December 1941: the Christmas peace is shattered by a loud bang. In ten minutes, more than 560 British bombs fall on Måløy. For the next six hours, it's total war: aerial bombs, street fighting and artillery fire from warships. Through the deafening racket: the high-pitched sound of bagpipes.

Original pictures from the raid and metres of original film are displayed in a vivid exhibition, which has touched thousands of visitors. The displays also showcase original uniforms, Mad Jack's bagpipes and Martin Linge's pistol, accompanied by the smells of Christmas baking and explosions.

As well as the exhibition on the Måløy raid, there are displays on Martin Linge, the Linge Company and the daring Shetland Bus missions. You can also find out more about what it was like to be a German soldier stationed at Måløy during the war.

The centre is located at the heart of the town, with parking in the square and several good cafés nearby.

Group offers

Måløyraidsenteret is open outside of announced opening hours by prior arrangement. By agreement, Måløyraidsenteret can provide a guide.

Last updated: 04/19/2024

Source: Visit FjordKysten



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