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Moose safari in Finnskogen - the Finnforest


Join Finnskogen Adventures on a moose safari in deep Finnskogen forest!

Suddenly, there is a moose in the pine forest
Magnificent, elegant, and majestic – and well camouflaged among the shrubs and tall pine trees. You are in a warm and comfortable coach, and can enjoy the stunning scenery without worrying about the weather.

In spring and autumn, you may be lucky enough to see the bull moose with its spectacular antlers. Norway's largest land mammal can weigh up to 800 kg and measure 2.2 m in mane height. The moose is not a heard animal, and is usually seen alone or in small family groups. Its habitat is the coniferous forest belt, where it feeds on grass, bark, and twigs all year round. 

This is the area we visit to look for moose on our safari, and often we spot other animals too – such as large birds, foxes, and hares. Along the way, our guide shares stories and points out various signs that indicate the presence of moose. Halfway through the safari, we take a break, light a campfire, and serve a light meal based on local ingredients. 

Get ready for an unforgettable moose safari with Finnskogen Adventures! 

NOK 1500,- per person
Children under the age of 16: NOK 750,-

• Transport during the entire trip
• Coffee or cold drink and cured-meat snacks
• Admission to the Norwegian Forestry Museum

Practical info
• Meeting time: 18.00 / 15.00 during the winter season 
• Target group: Medium and large groups. Can be adapted for the disabled; please contact us.
• Number of people: 2 – 55
• Duration: Approx. 3 hours
• Season: All year except September and October
• Area: Finnskogen

The dream behind Finnskogen Adventures
Imagine an early autumn morning deep inside Finnskogen. You emerge from your tent and feel the morning chill tickling your nose. The sun is rising over the horizon. You see misty cobwebs in the trees. There is frost on the ground and a thin layer of ice on the small forest tarns. The autumn colours glow in the sunlight. Imagine lighting a campfire and getting the coffee pot ready. The smell of the campfire. Flickering flames. The birds coming to life, and the sun shining. You stretch and feel the peace within. The joy of being alive, experiencing this, and being part of something bigger. 

Finnskogen Adventures offers outdoor adventures in Finnskogen and its immediate area. Experiences include campfire cooking, canyon hikes, cycle rides, paddling trips, and guided tours looking for elk and other animals. All activities are suitable for individuals, families, groups, organisations, and corporate entities. Finnskogen Adventures also offers tree-tents for hire.

Does this sound like something you and your family or friends would enjoy?
Then join Finnskogen Adventures on one of their trips. Their aim is to show everyone the spectacular outdoors! All activities are in nature – primarily in Finnskogen or the immediate area.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Moose safari in Finnskogen - the Finnforest


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