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Moose safari with Dovre og Lesja Aktiv

When and where? June 20. - August 20. Time: 19:00/20:00* Hjerkinnhusvegen 35, 2661 * 20:00 June 20 – July 31 19:00 Aug 1 – Aug 20

What to expect Moose are majestic animals and with good reason called "The king of the forest". But despite their impressive size, they can be difficult to spot. Thankfully, our guides know the area very well and are experienced in finding moose.

The aim of this safari is of course to spot moose, as many and as close as possible. In
addition, we aim to teach you all there is to know about moose and other wildlife, and of
course Norwegian culture. This is why we start the safari with a presentation, "Antlers, Hoofs & Hides", which lasts 30 minutes to 1 hour. Here, we talk about the differences and
similarities between animals, and show skin, hoofs and antlers from moose, muskox,
reindeer and other animals. You will have the opportunity to touch and feel the objects that
we have brought, take pictures and ask questions.

After the presentation we start driving, and we go to where we know the chances of seeing
moose are the greatest. This is different throughout the year, but often includes driving main
roads. We bring a telescope for everyone to use, and coffee and a snack to enjoy during the

Keep in mind that moose are wild and therefore shy animals, which means that sometimes
you need a bit of luck to get close. Even with our experience, it is impossible to predict how
the safari will be, as every day is different. That being said, our guides will give the best
tips&tricks to spot moose and other animals, which you hopefully get to use the rest of your journey!

The safari, including the presentation, takes ca 3 hours, and is offered for groups of 2-12
people. Min age 6 years.

If you would like to hire a private guide, contact us!

What to bring?
We get out of the car a couple of times, so we advise to bring warm clothes and mosquito-
repellent, as well as binoculars. Binoculars can also be rented.

Source: Nasjonalparkriket Reiseliv AS


Moose safari with Dovre og Lesja Aktiv

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