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Morgans Ship


Welcome aboard Morgan's Skip - the world's largest mobile wooden sculpture!

Morgan's Ship can be described as one big adventure. It started as a gift from the Swedish artist Calle Örnemark. It continued in trailers - far north. And there the villagers were ready to volunteer. After a time of joy, hard work, a good dose of Northern Norwegian humor and many a coffee chat - the rig rose high into the air - and within a few years, the sculpture has created life and stir around it. Morgan's Ship has become a unique attraction.

Morgans Skip is an art experience and rest area that is available to everyone. You are always welcome there with your family and friends. Bring wood or coal if you want to grill in marked places. In addition, a cafe and other events are run during the year.
Welcome abord!

Little Jamaica
The sculpture is a free imagination of the rigging of the ship Oxford, with which the pirate Henry Morgan sailed in the Caribbean in the 17th century. Captain Morgan ended up as governor of Jamaica, therefore the area around the sculpture Morgan's Ship is called Little Jamaica.

This sculpture was originally supposed to stand on the island of Ratnan in the Caribbean. The storm Katarina destroyed the beach where it was supposed to stand, and the artist chose to build it in Scandinavia. In a miraculous way, it ended at Astafjorden in Gratangen, and has given the population a place enjoy, play and adventure.

In 2021, Gratangen municipality financed a total renovation of the sculpture, it has a new expression and has preserved the same energy as before. Morgan's Ship is built from recycled material, which was in the artist's spirit. During the renovation, children and young people helped to put a message of decolonization and peace on the sculpture. Local history was linked to the masts using ropes from the northern Norwegian shore and boathouse, around the main mast you will find, among other things, rope from "Brann", a historic boat from Gratangen.

Source: Visit Narvik AS


Morgans Ship


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