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MS Kjenndal

Boattrip on the lake in Lodalen valley.

About the MS Kjenndal II
The MS Kjenndal II is our own tourist boat. The boat has space for 100 passengers and travels between Sande, located at the top of the Loen Lake and Kjenndalsanden at the bottom of the Loen Lake where Kjenndalstova is located. The boat trip is a spectacular experience for seeing both the valley and the surrounding nature. The trip passes the famous Ramnefjell and Utigardsfossen which are ranked 11 in the list of the ”Worlds most Famous Waterfalls”. The waterfall is especially spectacular when the water levels in the lake are high.

A Boat Trip with MS Kjenndal II
The MS Kjenndal II takes you on a trip from Sande at the lower end of the Loen Lake to Kjenndalsanden, where Kjenndalstova is located where you can enjoy delicious waffles and hot coffee or lunch before the boat returns you to Sande. The complete trip takes around 4 hours. For more information, please use the link for MS Kjendal. It is also possible to charter the MS Kjendal for your own trip.

Source: Nordfjord


MS Kjenndal

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