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Myklebustdalen valley

Myklebustdalen is a valley that extends from Byrkjelo in Gloppen municipality and south to Stardalen valley in Jølster. High mountains rise steeply from the valley floor, with Snøpipa towering above them all at 1,827 metres.

Several rivers flow down into Myklebustdalen valley from the mountains, and the waterfalls here are among the highest in the world. Spirefossen has a drop of 690 metres. Strupenfossen in Strupen river comprises several smaller falls with a total fall of 820 metres. Hike in Myklebustdalen valley This is a nice easy 10-km hike, with a difference in altitude of about 300 metres. The hike starts at the gate around 200 metres from the cultivated land in Myklebustdalen valley. The first part of the trip to Myklebuststøylen pasture farm is on a tractor road, and then continues on a path. The hike takes you through the valley with steep mountainsides on both sides. Dalelva river on the Myklebust side and Veitebergelva river on the Stardal side are large due to all the tributaries. Myklebustdalen valley is popular with cyclists.

Source: Nordfjord


Myklebustdalen valley

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