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Napen - hike

An iconic mountain of the Suldalsheiane moors with a great view of the huge Blåsjømagasinet lake and the SVR Ryfylkeheiane nature reserve. A steep, but rewarding hike. Consider spending the night at nearby Stranddalen Turisthytte - the pearl of the Ryfylkeheiane! 

On the roof of Rogaland

Napen (1350 m) is between Stranddalen and Sandsa, near Suldal in Ryfylke. Stand here and you will really feel you're on the roof of Rogaland. The view is magnificent in all directions. Napen is easiest to reach when you are anyway hiking between Stranddalen and Sandsa, but can also be conquered on a day-trip.

Alternative 1:
Sandsa – Stranddalen (via Napen)
Follow the route from Sandsa to Steinstølen and cross the river that flows out of Svinstølvatnet and Grunnavatnet lakes. Continue up to Lånestølen and on to Midtskaret pass. Observe the rich flora with many calcium-loving species. From the pass, a path up to Napen is cairned. Back in the pass again, you can either follow the waymarked route to Stranddalshytta lodge or return to Sandsahytta lodge.

By car: Turn off from Rv13 for Blåsjø, continue to Sandsavatnet lake.
By public transport: Express boat to Jelsa or Sand, onward with bus/taxi (Suldal Billag) to Sandsavatnet.

Osane at Sandsavatnet lake.

The route:
Waymarked path, 7 km. Height difference 750 m. Rugged.

Time: 5–6 hours round trip.

Alternative 2:
Access as for Alternative 1 to Sandsavatnet. Continue along the construction road before starting the descent to Øvre Moen. From there follow the unmarked path up to Buarekvelven, where you join the waymarked route from Sandsa. Follow this as for Alternative 1.

At the top of the hill.

The route:
Unmarked/waymarked trail, 4 km. Height difference 500 m. Time: 5 hours round trip + travel time.

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Napen - hike

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