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Noraker Rakfisk

Noraker Farm is an old family farm that has produced rakfisk for many generations. The farm is rich in culture, history and traditions, and has won the first prize at Norsk Rakfiskfestival many times. At the Noraker farm we breed our own trout and process it into the local delicacy "rakfisk" (semi-fermented trout). Come by and visit our farm store, with special local products from both Valdres and neighbouring regions, as well as a café.
We also have banquet and conference facilities.

The farm shop also has a rich selection of local farm food products, and you find Noraker Farm along the E16, approx. 4 km north of Aurdal church. In the farm shop you can get tastings of mild, semi-matured and matured fish.

The farm has gone from father to son since the 15th century and is today run by the 14th generation, by Nils Noraker.

On request Noraker Gård arranges farm tours, and can host various meetings and events.  

Source: Valdres Destinasjon


Noraker Rakfisk

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