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North Cape Tourist Information

Welcome to the municipality of Nordkapp, at the northernmost point of Europe.

Visit Honningsvåg, the North Cape town, or one of the lively fishing villages such as Repvåg on the mainland, Nordvågen, Kamøyvær, Gjesvær or Skarsvåg on Magerøya island. The name Magerøya is derived from the Sami name Makkaravju, which means thin island, due to its location. The municipality lies around 150 km north of the timber line and has an open, spectacular landscape.

North Cape is one of Norway’s most popular destinations. Welcome to a wonderful adventure, where you will experience the true diversity of this area and enjoy activities in harmony with the sea, our nature and culture.

Population: 3,219
Area, municipality: 924 km²

Location: Honningsvåg Harbour, in the centre of Honningsvåg.

Source: Book Finnmark


North Cape Tourist Information

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