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Norwegian Emigrant Museum

Fascinating Norwegian emigration history

More than one million Norwegians emigrated

From 1825 to 2020, only Ireland has had more emigrants than Norway. As a result, the number of people of Norwegian descent abroad is higher than the total number of people in Norway. These emigrants are spread across all of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and some countries in Asia and Africa. Of those who emigrated, approx. 80% went to USA, 5% to Canada, and the remaining 15% to other countries across the world. Around a quarter of all those who left returned home in the end, and it was among this group the idea of an emigrant museum was born. The Norwegian Emigrant Museum is the only museum and research centre in Norway fully dedicated to Norwegian emigration history.

Explore the American Midwest

The museum has indoor exhibitions as well as a museum park with eight antique buildings originating from various US states. Experience the peaceful Oak Ridge Church, feel like a pupil at the Leet-Christopher School, or go on a treasure hunt in the library with its 14 000 books and numerous annuals, newspapers, magazines, and bulletins from various Norwegian clubs and associations abroad. There are also several cultural events at the museum throughout the year. Please contact us for guided tours outside the summer season.

Source: Visit Hedmark AS


Norwegian Emigrant Museum

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