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Odin Chocolate

Odin Chocolate makes handmade quality chocolate in Hof at their small chocolate factory.

Odin Chocolate started with a goal; to make good chocolate. They are a team of 5 people who strive to achieve that goal every single day. Odin Chocolate makes Norwegian chocolate directly from cocoa beans that they import from South and Central America. The chocolate is made in Hof at their small chocolate factory.

They hold themselves in high regard so that the chocolate never disappoints, and use the best raw materials and quality assurance several times along the way to make sure that the customers are satisfied. At Odin Chocolate, you can get dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate, and you can get tasty confectionary pieces.

Bean to Bar
Odin Chocolate hand-sorts the imported cocoa beans to ensure high quality. The cocoa beans are roasted, in the same way as coffee beans are roasted, but here they are roasted more gently so that the good chocolate flavor comes out. After the cocoa beans are roasted, the beans are broken so that the pieces with nibs are the right size, and then the cocoa shell and cocoa nibs are separated to get completely pure cocoa to work with when the chocolate is made.

From nibs to chocolate
Odin Chocolate has several chocolate machines, from small to large ones. Cocoa nibs and cocoa butter are in the machine for 12-18 hours, which causes the mass to become liquid. The lid is off the machine to vent the acidity in the cocoa beans that develops during fermentation. Milk powder, sugar and real vanilla seeds are also added. After 72 hours, it turns into delicious liquid chocolate.

Tempering the chocolate is important so that the chocolate can stay nice for a long time, and when this is done the chocolate is placed in the nice Odin Chocolate moulds.

The chocolate is available at Uro in Haugar and Bare Barista in Tønsberg, and at their website.

Source: Visit Vestfold


Odin Chocolate

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