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OscarBrygga at Tonnes offers accommodation in rorbu cabins or wharf rooms, right on the shore. From your balcony you can enjoy the sunset or the glow of the midnight sun, to the soothing sound of the surf. Dining is offered in a refurbished old wharf building rich in ambience.

Tonnes is a small village in Lurøy with great hiking opportunities on the mainland and the surrounding islands. Several express boats dock daily, and you can easily plan a day trip to the popular Rødøyløva. If you prefer to stay on land, you can visit "Tonnes-Høla," an easily accessible sea cave, stroll around the lively harbor, swim at beautiful sandy beaches, or simply enjoy an ice cream at OscarBrygga.

There are good fishing opportunities at Tonnes, whether you cast from land with a fishing rod or you go out by boat to the sea. Saithe and cod usually bite willingly, and if you are lucky you will also get other species such as halibut and redfish.

If you rent a boat from OscarBrygga, you can go fishing, cross the fjord and visit the idyllic Indre Kvarøy, climb Hestmannen or cross the Arctic Circle at Vikingen north of Tonnes.

Restaurant OscarBrygga
In a converted old fishing pier you can eat local fish dishes and more traditional meat dishes. The restaurant is located right by the speedboat quay and is a popular meeting place for locals, tourists as well as cabin and boat people. In the summer heat, there is often a good atmosphere on the outdoor terrace.

If you live at OscarBrygga, you can choose between Nordlandshus, fisherman’s cabins, or rooms, all located right by the sea. With a view of the shipping lane, you always have something to rest your eyes on, whether it is the Hurtigruten, a sailboat, a fishing boat, or a cargo boat passing by. Here you can enjoy the view, the sound, and the smell of the Helgeland coast. You can also stay overnight in the winter.

Boat rental
You can rent a motorboat from Oscarbrygga. The boats are sea-safe aluminum boats of 19-20 feet. There are good fishing opportunities in the area, and you can prepare the catch in the gutting hut. If you get more fish than you can eat at one time, you can freeze it.

Last updated: 08/10/2023

Source: Helgeland Reiseliv as



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