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Perfect Escape


Solve intriguing mysteries before the time runs out.

Combine wits with up to five of your friends to solve riddles, deduct clues and find creative solutions to puzzling mysteries before the time runs out.
Perfect Escape has several escape rooms with different scenarios and challenges. In the rooms, you have to find keys and hidden doors, crack codes and uncover the secret that lies behind all of it.

Each room has a different theme and the action takes place during different periods of history. At Perfect Escape, you can for instance open Tutankhamun’s grave, discover Da Vinci’s treasure or help defend Norway against Nazi-Germany. Perfect Escape also offers an outdoor version of the escape room formula with Amazing Race, which is played in Oslo’s streets.

The rooms can be booked for all kinds of events and parties, and are also suitable for team building activities.

Last updated: 03/27/2023

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Perfect Escape


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