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Photo safari with guide, winter season.


Wild, beautiful, white, rough, musk ox, Dovrefjell National Park, landscape, ski / snowshoe, memories for life. Sleeping in a tent/cottage or snow cave to experience sundown and sunrise.

Seeing the musk ox in the harsh winter climate of Dovrefjell National Park is in itself an experience and the photo motif can at times be amazing. 

If it is cloudy or winter stormy, the rugged musk ox is standing still against the winter snowstorm up on the mountain plateau posing happily for those who is coming by. 

We want to offer you the opportunity of joining us on trips like this by providing local knowledge of the area, approaching the musk ox in a safe environment and experiencing the outdoors in all weather conditions. 

Our guides have years of experience in organizing musk ox safaris in the national park and have a burning desire that all our customers will have a great nature experience. 

Sleeping in a warm tent in the mountains may be unfamiliar to many, but with high quality equipment this is a comfortable and enjoyable experience that certainly can be recommended for everyone. 

As a bonus we might get lucky and see a herd of reindeer or an arctic fox, so just keep your eyes open. Sign up for a wild and eventful Photo Tour! 

We also cooperate with a company who offers dogsled transportation. Don't hesitate to contact us if this sounds tempting! They are very popular and gets quickly fully booked.


A couple of examples of normal programs

A one day trip:

The guide will meet you at you accommodation in Oppdal at the agreed time. We advice a time between 08.00 and 10.00. After saying hello, the guide will take you by car to the national park. The estimated time of driving is about 40 minutes. While driving we will go through the program of the day and safety around the musk ox among other things. If you are not staying over night in Oppdal, but coming from the south, the guide can meet you at our meeting place in Dovrefjell.

The hike is on snowshoes or on skis. If you don't have your own set you can rent high quality snowshoes from us. We hike at our own pace and if we see anything interesting on our way we take our time to enjoy and photograph. Thats why we are here! The hiking distance from the car to the musk ox will vary throughout the season, anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours hike one way is normal. 

When we spot the musk ox we spend time with them as long as we find it interesting. If there are several groups of musk oxes we might try some of the others to get variaty with landscape and light conditions. 

We will also enjoy the coffee/tea the guide brought and the packed lunch you brought along (You may also order a packed lunch at an additional cost from us). Our experience is that the hours fly and suddenly it is time to call it a day and start on the way back. The chance of finding the musk ox with our guides are about 99%. 


Equipment list for a day hike:

- Wool underwear (one pair of long johns and two tops) a thin jacket for hiking and a thick down jacket when photographing, warm trousers, warm high shoes, gloves and mittens, hand warmers if you have, warm hat, headlamp, packed lunch and something to drink. And of course your camera equipment. 

A two day trip and one night in a tent , transportation with dog sleds

Day 1: 

- The guide will meet you at your accommodation in Oppdal and go through equipment, logistics about how to behave around animals, toilet procedures, food and routines in camp among other things. 

- Drive to Dovrefjell National park (40 minutes). 

- Meet the musher and help prepearing the sled (45 minutes)

- Drive the dog sled to our base camp (1-2 hours, depending on the snow)

- Arrange the camp and have lunch (2 hours)

- Hike up to the musk ox (0,5 - 2 hours normally)

- Stay with the musk ox until sunset

- Go back to camp and prepare dinner (drytech). Melt snow for water and photograph tent/stars/aurora if there is a clear sky. Chilling in the tents chatting before bed time. 

- You will sleep in warm sleepingbags and on good pump up mattrasses that we provide. 


Day 2:

- Wake up early in the morning (between 06.00 and 07.00), eat breakfast and then pack our stuff. We try to reach the musk ox before sunrise. 

- Stay with the musk  ox

- Return to camp, eat lunch and then pack 

- The musher will pick us up at the time we want, normally between 12.00-14.00 

- Go back to the car with the dogs, pack the car and drive back to Oppdal. 

- The guide drops you off in town


If you choose not to use dog sleds you will have to carry the equipment yourself.  Estimated distance to basecamp will be about 3 kilometers, and two - two and a half hours hiking. The guide will bring some extra pulks that you can borrow if you wish. 

Additional costs:

- Dog sleds

- Food if you choose not to bring your own

Equipment for the tent trip:

Wool underwear (one pair of long johns,  two tops), a thin jacket for hiking,a thick down jacket when photographing, warm trousers, warm high shoes, two paires of gloves and one pair with mittens, hand warmers if you have, warm hat, headlamp, food and of course your camera equipment. Sleepingbags, pump up mattrasses and tents are included. We can also provide food at an additional cost. 


Photo safari with guide, winter season.


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