Rex garden in Sveio

The rhododendron park is a special nature park with thousands of rhododendron and other plants, some of which are exclusive to the flora in Norway. Most of the plants have been imported from Scotland.

Rhododendron Rex which has given its name to the park has and will be planted throughout the garden. Rex ssp. Filctolactueum is one of the many different Rex- plants that can be seen in the park. Many other plants will be planted in the park throughout and it will be a park that is in constant development as the seasons progress. "Rex Island", only accessible by boat, is also a part of the expanding park.

The park is connected to the beach area "Strando" in the beautiful village Førde. Førde also has a grocery store, a second-hand shop, café, and several hiking trails.

There are several beautiful wooden sculptures around the park made with a chain saw by local artist Kenneth Ravn Ottesen. Olav Furre initiated the park and it was built in  2014.



Last updated: 09/11/2023

Source: Destinasjon Haugesund & Haugalandet

Rex garden in Sveio

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