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Ringsaker church

Built around 1150, this is one of Norway's most authentic medieval churches and known for its unique altarpiece from 1520.

Ringsaker church, built around 1150, is one of Norway's lagers and most authentic medieval churches. It also boasts a position among the only 5 remaining basilica-churches in the country. The precursor of Ringsaker church was most likely raised during king Olav Haraldsson's (The Holy Olaf) stay in "Opplandene" in 1021. We know very little about this older church, but historians believe it was constructed as a stave church.

Ringsaker Church is famous for its altarpiece, made in Antwerp, Belgium, around 1520. Art historians have stated that Ringsaker Church's altarpiece is the finest piece of pre-Reformation church art in Norway. It is quite extraordinary that an altarpiece of such exceptional artistic quality and size was brought to Ringsaker 500 years ago!

Ringsaker church as we know it today was raised in three phases. The oldest part which consists of the basilica including the nave, aisles and a choir smaller than the current one, is estimated to date back to 1150. The transepts and expansion of the choir war carried out nearing the end of the 12th century.

The church is open for visitors during the summer.
Guided tours are available to groups all year around​​​​​​. Please contact us to schedule your visit:

Last updated: 01/09/2024

Source: Visit Innlandet

Ringsaker church

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