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Ski touring from Loen Skylift

The mountains around Loen and Stryn are perfect for ski touring and backcountry skiing with views of the fjord and mountains. The Loen Skylift takes you up to 1011 metres above sea level/3316 ft., so you can set off with fresh legs. From Mt. Hoven you have many summits to choose from and even more downhill runs.

The mountains surrounding Loen and Stryn invites you to great ski touring and backcountry skiing with views of fjords and mountains.You have many summits to choose from, and even more downhill runs.We highly reccommend to use a certified guide for your skitouring around Mount Hoven. Loen Active cooperate with Breogfjell's IVBV/UIAGM/IFMGA-certified mountain guides. The guides will adjust the trip based on the weather and snow conditions. If you don't have a guide remember that that all skiing is on your own risk, and make sure you have the necessary skills for safe skiing. Check the avalanche bulletin before heading out, and read the safety tips for Norwegian mountains.Tour suggestionsThe Skylift area
Among the greatest skiing i Norway, the skitouring and descends from Loen Skylift is definetly worth a visit. This cable car brings you straight from Hotel Alexandra by the fjord – to Mt.Hoven 1000 mas. Most of the skiing in this area is in complex terrain and some descends on glaciers.Short hike / Skitouring and freeride introduction:
From the top station there is a just 150 vertical meter ascent to Mt.Skredfjellet. From here we can choose between several descents from betweem 300 vertical meters up to 1000 vertical meters depending on the snow and weather conditions.Medium / Long hike
From the top station we skin up to Mt.Staurinibba (asc 400 vertical meters). From this peak we will enjoy the stunning fjord view and prepare for the first 600 m descent towards Lohøgsætra. From these small summer farm cottages we can either head back to Loen Skylift or go down to Loen by the fjord, or we can go for a second ascent to Mt.Sundshyrna, Mt.Dispahyrna or Mt.Geitafjellshyrna. From these peaks we can drop down up to 1600 vertical meters to the Stryn Valley. After a day you will have a total dsc of 2000 vertical meters with only 1400 m ascent.Long / Extra long hike
We start by using the lifts at Stryn Vinterski to 1000mas. From the top station we hike to Mt.Natakupa (asc 400 vertical meter) before we drop down 1300 vertical meter to the Stryn valley. After a lunch at one of the nice local restaurants – we drive by taxi to the Loen Skylift and finish the day with the medium to long hike alternative. If the snow conditions all the way down to the fjord, you will be able to ski 3300 vertical meters, and skin up 1800 vertical meters.One of the most spectacular traverses in Stryn is the Hoven – Storskredfjellet traverse. This is a long hike with many alternatives. If you would like to do the shortest version, you will have to ascend a total 1400 vertical meters which gives a total descend of 2100 meter skiing. For better skiing it is also possible to drop down many of the valleys on the way to Mt. Storskredfjellet.

Last updated: 12/06/2023

Source: Nordfjord

Ski touring from Loen Skylift

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