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The Ibsen stairs

The Ibsen Staircase is a concrete and granite structure with a bust of Henrik Ibsen. It features 32 steps adorned with quotes from "Peer Gynt".

The Ibsen Staircase, leading to the Telemark Museum Brekkeparken, is made of concrete and clad in granite. At the foot of the staircase stands a bust of Henrik Ibsen, created by the artist Håkon Anton Fagerås. This bust is a symbol of Ibsen's significance and contribution to literature. A similar bust has also been erected in Sorrento, Italy, the place where Henrik Ibsen wrote the dramas "Peer Gynt" and "Ghosts".

Staircase adorned with quotes from "Peer Gynt"
32 out of the 127 steps are embellished with famous quotes from Henrik Ibsen's renowned play "Peer Gynt". These quotes take you on a journey through the entire play, from the opening line in Act 1, "Peer - you're lying," to Soveig's famous line, "- in my hope and in my love," in Act 5.

Path to Brekkeparken from Skien city center
If you're heading to Brekkeparken, you can take the staircase and then continue along the path, which will lead you to the entrance of Brekkeparken.

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: VisitGrenland AS

The Ibsen stairs

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