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The Mount Dønnamannen

The Mount Dønnamannen (The Dønna man) is lying with its nose up at the island Dønna outside Sandnessjøen. The starting point(s) are easy to reach with ferry from Sandnessjøen to Dønna. The route is regarded as challenging best suited experienced hikers.

Difficulty level: Challenging, suitable only for experienced hikers. 
Time: 4-6 hours for the return trip
Map/signposting: Well-marked trail, map not required
Elevation: 0 to 858 metres above sea level
Starting point: Drive to Breivika and park your car there.  Then walk to Hagen and start the climp from there.  There is a marked triail all the way from the parking.  

Via Breivika/Hagen.
To get to Breivika drive to Bjørn (where the ferry from Sandnessjøen stops), and then drive towards Solfjellsjøen at the northern part of Dønna. Just before reaching Solfjellsjøen, turn left at the signpost to "Breivika". Drive to the end of the road. Breivika is also a marvellous beach.

Download description of the hike.

Source: Kystriksveien Reiseliv


The Mount Dønnamannen

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