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The Munch Center

Edvard Munch was born in Løten

Edvard Munch was christened twice in Løten

Edvard Munch was born at Ådalsbruk in Løten on 12 December 1863. He did not stay at Løten for very long, but he was christened twice here; first an emergency christening at home at Engelaug because he was poorly, and later a christening ceremony in Løten Church on 15 April 1864.

Løten municipality has set up a photo point by his birthplace where you can take pictures of the house and the farm where he was born. This is a short walk from the museum grounds. Exhibitions at the Munch Centre focus on the young Edvard Munch and his visits to the region after the family moved to Oslo.

See the drawings Edvard made as a child

When considering a location for the Munch Centre in Løten, Klevfos was the natural choice. The area belonged to the farm Engelaug Østre, where Edvard Munch was born, and Munch spent much of his time here when he visited Engelaug as a child. This connection with the countryside and rural life at Løten is believed to have played an important part in how he developed as a person and as an artist. Edvard was talented already as a child, and there are numerous drawings of people he knew from the region.

The Munch Centre is dedicated to Edvard Munch's connection with his birthplace, Løten, and its significance in his work. Listen to readings of letters Edvard Munch wrote to his father and aunt during his visits to Løten, and read correspondence between the Munch family and their good friends at Ådalsbruk. The Munch Centre has the same opening hours and contact details as Klevfos Industrial Museum. Regular guided tours are available during the summer season, and also by appointment.

Source: Visit Hedmark AS


The Munch Center

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