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The Svinesund Bridges

Europe's most beautiful border crossing

Europe's most beautiful border crossing

This is a vital link between Norway and Sweden. This elegant span, with its handsome profile stretching 67 meters above the Ringdalsfjord, is Northern Europe's highest bridge.

The Svinesund Bridge was opened with great ceremony on 15 June 1946, by the Norwegian king and the Swedish crown prince. The traffic has increased over the years, and at the end of last century it was decided to build a new highway and bridge between Norway and Sweden. June 10th 2005 the new bridge opened between those two countries.


The old bridge across Svinesund

- On 15 June 1946 the granite bridge across Svinesund was opened

- 67 meters above the fjord - In 2004 an average of 15.000 cars cross the border - each day.

- 15 June 2005 the granite bridge across Svinesund been heritage protected

The new bridge across Svinesund

- On 10 June 2005 the new bridge across Svinesund opened

- 704 meters long - The vehecle lanes are 60 meters above the fjord

- The arch reaches 92meters above the fjord

- The section of the bridge underneath the arch is 126meters long, but can expand up to one meter on a hot summer day as the steel expands

- The bridge is designed to last for at least 120 years

- An average of 16.000 cars are crossing the border - every day

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Halden Turist

The Svinesund Bridges

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