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Trandumskogen - close to Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Trandum forest is a national monument - but it is also a place where people like to go for a hike.

It is also the remains of a tank training ground, often called the tank firing range.

The course was built by the Germans during the Second World War. The shooting range consists of several large walls in reinforced concrete with openings, without a superstructure.

The walls, up to 10 meters high, stand at intervals of a few meters, and the course ends in a rampart . The track is approx. 300 meters long. The walls were to act as a large silencer for practice shooting, as well as to stop boom shots. Although the walls have some marks from such boom shots, the intention was to shoot through all the openings to hit the embankment at the end. The tank shooting range is accessible to the public, and is located close to the memorial in Trandumskogen, which has been set up in memory of those who were shot here during the war. 

The memorial is made of light Iddefjord granite and conducted by Per Palle Storm. The memorial is written:

"I FIGHT FOR FREEDOM IN THE WAR IN NORWAY 1940 - 1945. Here in the forest Trandum 173 Norwegians, 15 Soviet and 6 Brite executed enemies."

Right behind is a name plate on the executed. 18 grave sites / places of the north of the memorial is marked by numbered stone cross. Every 17 May morning will be held at the memorial monument.  

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Source: Visit Greater Oslo



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