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A new, sustainable neighbourhood right in the heart of Oslo

Vulkan – a city within the city.

At the once industry-heavy bank of the river Akerselva, one of Oslo’s most interesting new city development projects, called Vulkan, has come to life. Innovative, eco-friendly architecture defines this neighbourhood, which, among other sustainable features, has a local energy centre with 300-metre deep geothermal wells, and an office building with an exterior that is visually defined by its extensive solar water heating system.

Vulkan brings together a multitude of people and enterprises, and the area comprises two hotels, a large exclusive food hall, office spaces, cultural venues, restaurants, and apartments. It is Aspelin Ramm and Anthon B Nilsen that has developed and transformed and vitalised Vulkan from a plan made by the Oslo-based architect firm LPO arkitekter.

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