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Aquavit and smoked salmon Aquavit and smoked salmon Aquavit and smoked salmon
Aquavit and smoked salmon Aquavit and smoked salmon
Aquavit and smoked salmon.
Photo: Sven Erik Knoff
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Nordic nature, medieval roots

Trondheim has a rich history, a lively cultural life and pristine nature. Explore our incentive programme suggestions and relax the Nordic way.

Rock around the clock in Trondheim

Trondheim is often referred to as Norway’s capital of music – and not without a good reason.

For a highly entertaining and amusing incentive trip, visit Trondheim's pop and rock museum Rockheim and the Ringve Museum for classical music.

During this fun incentive trip to Rockheim – Trondheim's interactive museum for pop and rock – you will put your your singing, guitar playing and mixing skills to the test. Divided into groups, you will perform a song on stage at the end of the day. A jury picks the winner and an award ceremony will be held during dinner.

The next day includes a visit to Ringve, Norway’s museum for classical music and musical instruments. At Ringve you will learn about Norwegian and international composers, and try out different instruments.

Visit during one of the city’s many festivals, and we will help you to find a concert that you will enjoy. There is an average of two festivals a month to choose from; for example

  • A Latin festival in March
  • A blues festival in April
  • A jazz festival in May
  • The St. Olav’s festival in July/August
  • ”Pstereo” – a pop and rock festival in August
  • A chamber music festival in September
  • The ”Blues in Hell” festival in September
  • ”Transform” – Trondheim’s World Music festival in November

Find out more
Visit Trondheim AS
Nordre gate 11
N-7011 Trondheim
Phone: +47 73 80 76 60
Email: congress@visittrondheim.no

You can also contact Trondheim Visitor & Convention Bureau staff directly:

Lisbeth Fallan, International Sales/Press Manager
Email: lisbeth@visittrondheim.no

Monica Mollan Hansen, Director of Sales
Email: monica.mollan@visittrondheim.no

Follow Norway’s historical aquavit trail

Learn and have fun on the aquavit trail: visit the caraway seed farmers, the distillery and the places where the famous schnapps is served.

Lysholm Linie Aquavit – a lucky accident
Did you know that the world famous Lysholm Linie Aquavit was developed by accident? In 1805 the merchant Lysholm in Trondheim filled a sailing ship with potato and caraway spirit in oak barrels, dried fish and other goods and sent it far away to trade for other goods. In Batavia (now Jakarta) in Indonesia, the goods were bartered, but the spirit did not taste good and was returned to Trondheim in 1807. The constant movement, high humidity and fluctuating temperature caused the spirit to extract more flavour and contributed to accelerated maturation, and so the first modern aquavit was introduced by Lysholm in 1821.

Tailor-made trails
The aquavit trail goes to a number of places in the Trondheim region, with menus containing not just aquavit but also a selection of local dishes. You will also visit the farmers who grow the caraway seeds and the distillery where aquavit is produced today. Trails are tailor-made and last from half a day up to six days. Choose Trondheim as your base or stay overnight at some of the places you visit.

These are some of the places included in the trail:

Nordic nature and local food in Trondheim

Experience nature and local food with all your senses. The Norwegian woods have a special, refreshing quality; especially in the autumn when they sparkle with vibrant colours.

Blueberry picking Trondheim
Blueberry picking Trondheim.
Photo: Visit Trondheim

Blueberry picking Trondheim.
Photo: Visit Trondheim

On this incentive trip, you will go on one mushroom-picking and one berry-picking hike to look for cloudberries, blueberries, wild strawberries and lingonberries which will be included in your meal later in the day. The forest hikes are combined with cookery classes, a visit to one of the microbreweries and a food trail along the Nidelven River, where you will taste locally produced drink and food. Dinner is served at a restaurant serving local delicacies.

The Trondheim region is well known for its quality local food producers, and visits to seashell farms or mountain farms can be organised as part of the programme. If you visit between 1 June and 1 September you can also go salmon fishing in the river in the city centre.

Stay overnight in the hotel which has been awarded “Best breakfast in Norway” seven consecutive years, in a hotel with a Norwegian celebrity chef, or perhaps in Norway’s largest conference hotel with an amazing gourmet restaurant on the ninth floor overlooking the fjord and the city.

Hiking and history – recharge body and soul

Combine your meeting with a refreshing, informative pilgrim hike in serene nature. Trips are tailor-made and last from a few hours to many days.

Medieval origins
In the Middle Ages, Trondheim was one of the main pilgrim goals in Europe together with Rome, Jerusalem and Santiago de Compostella. In 2010, the St. Olav pilgrim route was incorporated as one of the Official European Cultural Routes by the European Institute of Cultural Routes.

Choose a long walk along the original routes with overnight stays at guesthouses, or opt for a more a more luxurious and less strenuous option – it's up to you!

Suggested itinerary
After a peaceful night at Stiklestad Hotel, located north of Trondheim, the hike starts at Stiklestad National Cultural Centre. This is where the Viking king Olav Haraldsson, who played a crucial part in Norway’s conversion to Christianity, was killed in battle in 1030. The path continues through green, peaceful woodlands with lovely views of the fjord. Along the way you can visit local farms and attractions, and enjoy locally produced food and drink.

Spend the night in a hotel before returning to Trondheim city centre the next day, where you will visit the Nidaros Cathedral and meet the pilgrim priest who will give you a certificate.

Family outside the Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim
Family outside the Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim.
Photo: Credits CH - visitnorway.com

Family outside the Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim.
Photo: Credits CH - visitnorway.com

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