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Sauvallsvingen bike ride

A machine-built "trail trail" with large doses and various jumps and b-lines. The trail is wide and kind for the little ones, and works well for everyone regardless of age and cycling experience. The first half is a nice and in some places hike through fantastic high mountain terrain, before the second half brings more speed and flow. There are fantastic views of the Gulsvik trees and the Høgevarde area, as well as several picnic areas along the way. If you want a little more excitement then you can include a top trip to Hesteleinnattan, or find a nice singletrail down from Sauvallnatten in the northern direction.

You must cycle / walk to the starting point. You can park along Gulsviksetervegen, and then cycle the same road to end where the starting point of the trail is. Alternatively, you can park at the end of Fjellseterhaugen, and thus get a small shortcut (must be ripped off by the less experienced cyclists).

Source: Hallingdal Reiseliv


Sauvallsvingen bike ride

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