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Home of the Viking kings

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Come along on a journey to a land where chieftains ruled for centuries and cultural traditions stand strong.

Nestled between mountains, islands and the North Sea, the Haugesund region in Fjord Norway holds a special place in the country’s history.

The region’s landscape is often compared to the places you see in famous series like Game of Thrones and Vikings.

You see, this used to be the home of the Viking kings and the base of power for Harald Fairhair when he united Norway into a single kingdom.

It is also where Norway’s national monument, Haraldshaugen, stands proud on what is believed to be Harald Fairhair’s burial site.

One of the best places to experience the Viking Period is Avaldsnes, Norway’s oldest royal seat, located on the island of Bukkøy.

During the annual Viking Festival, Avaldsnes is visited by over 200 Vikings visiting from all over Europe, who camp in tents and perform re-enactments …

… and sell handicrafts made with tools and techniques from that time.

Using the new Time Travel app, visitors can also experience Karmøy and learn about characters from times past on a digital historic walk.

In the Haugesund region, locals preserve traditions so they can live on outside the pages of the history books. But this is not limited to the Viking Age.

They’ve also kept the local culinary traditions alive, using local ingredients from the surrounding land and ocean.

Sample everything from seaweed, clams, and herring to the region’s local dessert speciality, Queen Maud Fromage, made with chocolate and whipped cream!

On a stroll through charming Haugesund, you can also experience traditions picked up in countries far away.

From the lovely aroma of coffee …

… to the art of glassblowing.

Not to mention films on the big screen during the Norwegian International Film Festival and music at the annual Karmøygeddon Metal Festival.

The region’s coastal nature is another well-preserved attraction.

Get a bird’s eye view from the top of Himakånå, Trolltunga’s little sister, or enjoy coastal culture up close in the idyllic seaside town of Skudeneshavn.

Feel the ocean breeze on a visit to islands like Utsira and Røvær, or experience the power of the waves by surfing …

… or witness the power of cascading water at the mighty Langfoss waterfall in Åkrafjorden.

CNN names this 612-metre-high waterfall one of the ten most beautiful in the world.

After a long day of sightseeing, what better way to unwind than with a fireplace and this view?

In the Haugesund region, you will also find chalk-white beaches that look like they belong much further south in the world. They are a favourite spot for swimming, surfing, and kiting.

Both Åkrasanden and Sandvesanden beaches have been awarded Blue Flag environmental certification.

Nature. Culture. History.

It all comes together in the Haugesund region!

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