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Rampestreken ved Romsdalseggen Rampestreken ved Romsdalseggen Rampestreken ved Romsdalseggen
Rampestreken ved Romsdalseggen Rampestreken ved Romsdalseggen
Rampestreken ved Romsdalseggen.
Photo: Matti Bernitz /Visitnorway
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Trains, trolls and and mountain tops

Visitors to the Romsdalen valley are surrounded by natural attractions like the Rauma Railway, the Trollstigen national tourist route, the Trollveggen vertical rock, the Romsdalseggen ridge and some of Norway's highest mountains. It is a paradise for everyone who enjoys alpine activities, both in summer and winter, and Åndalsnes is a natural starting point for your adventures.

The national tourist route Trollstigen takes you over the mountain to the Romsdalen valley and Åndalsnes. The road goes through Norwegian nature at its best, passing 11 exhilarating hairpin bends on the way.

At the Romsdalseggen ridge you're granted a seat in the front row to take in the Romsdalsfjellene mountains, the Trollveggen vertical rock, and the peaks of Romsdalshorn and Vengetindene. This airy hike is on the Norwegian Tourist Association's list of the most popular mountain excursions in Norway.

Another way to experience the mountains in Romsdalen is by train. Raumabanen, operated by NSB (the Norwegian State Railways), has been named Europe's most scenic train ride by Lonely Planet. On the way from Dombås to Åndalsnes you can watch the Trollveggen vertical rock, the Kylling bridge and the Rauma river winding its way down the valley.

The mountaineering center Norsk Tindesenter is located in the centre of Åndalsnes. Equipped with a climbing wall, exhibitions, a cinema, a restaurant and library, the centre is a tribute to outdoor activities in the mountains.

Top 8 recommended activities

There are a few things you just can't ignore in Romsdalen. Trains, mountains and fjords are three of them. Go for a ride with Raumabanen, join a guided trip to the mountains, or find peace and calm on the fjord. Take your pick!

More activities in Romsdalen

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