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Tromsø is ideal if you want to see the northern lights, and offers a lovely mix of outdoor activities, cultural events, and restaurants that serve Arctic delicacies.

The Arctic capital Tromsø is located 350 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle and is the largest city in Northern Norway. From September to March, many people come here to see the northern lights. From the end of May till the end of July, the midnight sun makes it possible to participate in various activities around the clock.

Tromsø offers superb opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, and whale safaris. Popular attractions include the Arctic Cathedral, the Polaria experience centre, and the Polar Museum.

The annual festivals Tromsø International Film Festival and the Northern Light Festival both attract visitors from all over the world. Moreover, Tromsø is known for a lively night scene and a range of restaurants that specialise in the fresh ingredients of the Arctic.

Tromsø has achieved the certification Sustainable Destination. Although this does not mean that the destination is sustainable, it does mean that it has made a commitment to work systematically to reduce the negative effects of tourism, while strengthening its positive ripple effects.

Get in-depth travel information​ on Tromsø’s official website.
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Get in-depth travel information on Tromsø’s official website.
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Towards sustainability

The certification Sustainable Destination is a label given to destinations that work systematically to reduce the negative impacts of tourism. In addition to providing visitors with enjoyable experiences, the destination must strive to minimise its impact on local nature, culture and the environment, and support the local community and economy. The municipality and the travel industry shall cooperate closely to assure that the destination is a great place in which to live as well as visit. 

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