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Hiking in Farsund Norway Hiking in Farsund Norway
Hiking in Farsund Norway.
Photo: Ann Helen Erichsen
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Hiking trails in Farsund and Lista

Farsund and Lista offers a wide range of hiking opportunities with many marked trails. The hiking tracks run through different terrain and you can choose long trips, short trips, challenging and easy walks. Here are some examples of hiking trails available;
Varbak lookout Farsund Southern Norway

Varbak viewpoint Farsund


Adjacent to the Farsund town centre is a lookout point where visitors can enjoy a picnic. It is a short walk from the tourist office or it can be a combined with a tour of the city.

Do not forget to visit some of the other tourist attractions along the coastline, including some of the wonderul beaches, Lista Lighthouse or the bird watching places.

Lofjellet - 2000 years old rocks:

This hiking trail is 1.5 km long with parking by the mills on Hervoll. The hike involves gently rolling terrain with some marsh and is Lista’s best vantage point.

Nordberg Fort museum to Lista: 

Combine your museum visit with a lovely walk from Nordberg, via Sausebakk through the enchanted forest to the pebble beach and out to Lista. This is a varied and exciting walk with hilly terrain. Not far from the fort, visitors can also see the 3000 year old stone paintings made by the Vikings at Penne.

Skistad - Ulgjell – Eitland:

This hike involves hilly terrain and is a 16 km round trip. There are three different trails of different lengths and you choose how long your trip will be. Parking is available at either Eitland, Ulgjell or Sigersvoll. 


Hiking at Nordberg Fort Norway

Hiking at Nordberg Fort