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Evje Og Hornnes

Hornnes Camping

Hornnes Camping was established in 1934 and have been affiliated with NAF (Norwegian Automobile Federation) since 1936. We have 110 spaces for rent, but we do not have cabins. Hornnes Camping is situated right next to Riksveg 9, 56 kilometers north of Kristiansand and 5 kilometers south of the village of Evje. The campsite lies in beautiful surroundings and is encirceld by a beach right where the river Otra runs out into the Breiflå lake.

Hornnes Camping has boats and canoes for hire. In the river Otra there are plenty of good fishing spots and you can buy fishing cards from us. If you would want to go for a swim or just bathe in the sun, the beach that surrounds the campsite would be one of the spots in the municipality. In the nearby area of the campsite there are many roads and trails that are suited for walks and bicycling, if you are interested in minerals and crystals there are several mines and museums nearby.

Source: Setesdal


Hornnes Camping

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