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A young man showing some food wich you can by at Lindesnes lighthouse. A young man showing some food wich you can by at Lindesnes lighthouse. Moules frites at Sjohuset restaurant in Kristiansand
A young man showing some food wich you can by at Lindesnes lighthouse. Moules frites at Sjohuset restaurant in Kristiansand
A taste of the southern tip of Norway. .
Photo: Peder Austrud©Visit Sørlandet
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Get a taste of the culinary treats of Southern Norway

Taste local food, fruit, sea food, berries and vegetables. Many restaurants in Southern Norway are proud of the traditions and love to tell you about it.
Maria Aspesæther, InWhite
Snacks at Per Brygge in Lyngør
Heidi Sørvig, Visit Sørlandet
Maria Aspesæther, InWhite
Interior Baly fish market
Båly Fish
Peder Austrud, Visit Sørlandet

Restaurants that serve local food in Southern Norway

Here you can see a suggestion for a round trip if you want to experience local food in Southern Norway. Ask the staff to recommend locally produced food and beverages when visiting Southern Norway.

The trip starts in Risør, the town of wooden houses, where we recommend that you stay in Det Lille Hotel or Risør Hotel. Try one of the town’s restaurants, shellfish at the water’s edge or a trip to Stangholmen Lighthouse to sample its delicious bouillabaisse.

Have lunch at Bokhotellet Lyngørporten in Gjeving. Take the ferry to beautiful Lyngør, which has been voted Europe’s best preserved village. Visit Sandøya where 13 local enterprises have joined forces to create the concept ‘Made on Sandøya’. Eat at Restaurant Basthaven and visit the sausage producer Ragnvalds Pølsemakeri.

Eat dinner at the restaurant "Hjemme hos Wenche" just outside the town. In summer you can sit and eat in the champagne garden by the river. Spend the night of Arendal's hotels or travel on to Strand Hotell Fevik, Roald Dahl's favourite.

On your way to Grimstad, you can pop in to Hesnes Gartneri og Kjøkken, where you can enjoy a delicious lunch and visit the charming shop that sells fresh vegetables and household items. You can also visit the brewery Nøgne Ø.

In Lillesand you can stay at the historic Hotel Norge Lillesand. Eat dinner at the hotel or at Restauranten Smaal, which serves tasty dishes from the local butcher. For dessert, we recommend a visit to Lillis Gelato Café, which makes Italian ice cream from local ingredients.

In Kristiansand, the capital of Southern Norway, you can sample local produce at the restaurant Bønder i Byen. We also recommend stopping past Fiskebrygga quay and Reinhartsen, the town’s fishmonger. As well as fresh fish and shellfish, you can also buy local produce from all over Southern Norway.

Mandal, the southernmost town in Southern Norway, is known for its annual shellfish festival, held the second weekend in August. In Mandal, you can enjoy a lovely lunch at Provianten, which, as well as being a restaurant, has a bakery, distillery and roasts its own coffee.

Visit Norway’s southernmost point, Lindesnes Lighthouse, and taste bread baked with seaweed flour and saltwater. Visit 'Jentan på Båly' for seafood and local delicacies. The shop also sells beer from Lindesnes Brygghus. The hotels Lindesnes Havhotell in Spangereid and Rosfjord Strandhotell in Lyngdal serve produce from local suppliers.

Here, you can go on a velocipede trolley ride before enjoying a great meal at Grand Hotel. Before you leave the coast, you can visit Hidra, an island just off Flekkefjord, where you can enjoy a meal at Kongshamn Bryggerestaurant.

Drive through Sirdal and take the Suleskarveien road across the mountain pass to Setesdal. Here, you can enjoy a tasty meal at Sølvgården Hotell in Rysstad. In Hovden, you can sample Fjellgården Hovden’s specialities. In the town centre, you can eat local food at the restaurant Stomp & Vatn or Furumo. Spend the night at a mountain lodge – Hovden Fjellstoge or Bjåen Fjellstoge.

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Worth tasting when visiting the southernmost part of Norway:
Local specialities from Southern Norway

You should sample some of the region’s local specialities when you visit Southern Norway. Many restaurants and cafés serve locally produced food and beverages. Ask the staff to recommend local fare on the menu.

Why not also try some local beer from the local breweries Nøgne Ø or Lindesnes Brygghus? Lindesnes Brygghus is Norway’s southernmost brewery. When you travel through Setesdal, you should look for products marked ‘Smaken av Setesdal’ (a taste of Setesdal) – these products are produced locally in Setesdal.

Visit the local fishmonger to buy fresh prawns and other delicacies from the sea. Follow the example of the locals and enjoy fresh prawns straight out of the bag on the quay.

Keep an eye out for locally produced food such as sausages, ham, cordial, jam and "lefse". Several shops sell locally produced specialities. Restaurants and cafés that serve local food often use the "#SpisSørlandet" logo.

Taste your way through the different regions of Southern Norway

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