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The city mountain "Klompen" in Namsos The city mountain "Klompen" in Namsos
The city mountain "Klompen" in Namsos.
Photo: Olav Breen
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The reconstruction city of Namsos

Namsos is the major town of commerce in the Namdal region, a rock and roll / cultural city with long standing traditions in the timber industry. The city has several shopping centres and a pleasant city centre with galleries and speciality shops.

Namsos is the largest city in Namdalen. It was in 1845 that the Parliament decided that a city would be built here. Today, Namsos is an important centre of commerce for all of Namdalen and parts of Helgeland. Namsos has burned down several times and in 1940, the city was bombed by the Nazis.  

Namsos is a typical reconstruction city on par with Steinkjer and Bodø, which form the start and end points of the coastal route - Kystriksveien. 

In Namsos you can visit Norway's only museum for steam-operated sawmills, Spillum Dampsag og Høvleri, which has been operating in the same way for 40 years. You should also visit Namsalsmuseet, the district museum for the whole Namdalen area, where the exhibitions include Norway's only historical collection of hospital equipment.

Attractions, activities and accommodation in Namsos

Attractions in Namsos
Learn the history behind the Norwegian wooden houses and the large export that took place from Spillum. You can walk around the museum on your own or… Read more
The Norwegian Sawmill museum
The museum was established in 1926. The oldest objects are from the 16th century. But most of the object s is from the 18th, 19th, and 20th century.… Read more
The museum exhibit contemporary art and a permanent exhibition. Here you will find a museum shop as well. There is free entry to the museum. A free… Read more
Art Museum Nord-Trøndelag
You also find a pool with 36 degrees in the water, waterslide, hot tub, sauna, solarium, and a café. There is also a fitness center in the same… Read more
Oasen, swimming facility
Åge Aleksandersen is a well known rock artist who came from Namsos. He and other artists from the Namsos region plays what is known as "Trønder rock".… Read more
Rock City Namsos
3 km from the centre of Namsos, on the banks of the salmon river Namsen, you will find Pluscamp Namsos. The site contains 31 cabins. The largest 10… Read more
Namsos camping
The hotel has 96 guest rooms, a restaurant and modern course & conference centre with capacity for up to 400 persons. Scandic Rock City is a full… Read more
Scandic Rock City Namsos
Activities and tours
Experience Norway's most exciting and spectacular island - Leka, beautiful Abelvær, and the protected fishing village of… Read more
Island hopping by bike in Mid-Norway
Experience the historic fishing village of Sør-Gjæslingan, which became a protected cultural heritage site in 2010. Sør-Gjæslingan is a group of small… Read more
Visit the fishing-village Sør Gjæslingan
Fly & Bike Namsos Sykkelsenter drops off and picks up bicycles to Namsos airport, and can also do local drop-offs/pick-ups for a small fee. Island… Read more
Bike hire in Namsos -Namsos sykkelsenter
The boat MS Foldafjord takes you to the island Jøa, Abelvær, Rørvik and Leka. In the summer there are round trips (day trips) to the old fishing… Read more
MS Foldafjord - boat route: Namsos-Leka.
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    Sykling i Namsos



    Bike hire in Namsos

    Namsos Sykkelsenter rents out all types of bicycles in Namsos city centre. Rentals include a helmet, pump and tool set. Additionally, bicycle bags and trailers can be rented for an extra fee.

    Namsos Sykkelsenter drops off and picks up bicycles to Namsos airport, and can also do local drop-offs/pick-ups for a small fee.

    Book your bike here

    Rica Rock City Hotel in Namsos is the country’s only rock hotel.



    Sleep like a rock star

    Stay overnight at Norway's first rock hotel and explore Rock City, - a resource centre of professional music.

    The hotel has 96 guest rooms, restaurant and modern conference facilities with capacity up to 400 persons.

    Book your stay here.


    Namsos serves as the traffic hub connecting Fv17 and Fv769. There is a connection to Trondheim via ExpressBus, bus service to Steinkjer and Levanger with train connections to Trondheim. Regional airport serviced by Widerøe. Express boat service to Jøa, Abelvær, Rørvik and Leka.

    • Bus


      Regular bus service to Namsos from Trondheim/Steinkjer (Trønderekspressen). Northbound bus service via Grong to Brønnøysund. 

    • Boat

      Express Boat

      The boat MS Foldafjord takes you to the island Jøa, Abelvær, Rørvik and Leka. The most efficient way to travel to Rørvik/Leka and ideal if you are cycling. 

    • Air


      Regional airport serviced by Widerøe - connections to Trondheim and Rørvik.

      Namsos airport